Comtec Pest ControlThank you for choosing Comtec …

Since 1967 Comtec has been the number one choice for businesses and home owners in Malta and Gozo in providing safe and effective control treatment to the threat of insects and rodents.

The strength of our reputation and standing in the community is testimony to the relationship that we enjoy with over 30,000 clients – from the largest industrial, commercial and government entities to the individual homeowner who knows and trusts our company.

We are differentiated in our market by our longevity, our commitment to standards, our range of service treatment, and our relationship with our clients, the quality of our staff and the continuity of innovation and improvements in the delivery of service to our clients.

Choosing Comtec as your pest control supplier is backed by our reputation for professionalism and quality. Look here for reasons why we maintain leadership in our industry

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