Why Choose Comtec

If you have a pest control problem that you don’t want to handle on your own, you may decide to turn to a professional applicator. How can you be sure that the pest control company you hire will do a good job?

Is the technical staff competent and qualified to perform pest control work?

Comtec’s commitment to professionalism is encapsulated by the qualification of its technical management team and the internal training structures for pest control technicians.









Our staff holds internationally recognized certificates in specific pest control disciplines. This is your guarantee that Comtec can provide the most professional service and technical service and technical support available.

Does the company have a good track record?

You don’t have to rely on our company representative to answer this question. Research the answer yourself. Ask neighbors and friends if they have ever dealt with our company. Were they satisfied with the service they received?
We invite you to call the consumer affairs department or the local offices and find out if they have received complaints about our company.

Our longevity in the market is testimony to the high standards of service that Comtec consistently achieves. Our company’s name is synonymous not only with pest control but with quality in service standards and customer care.

Does the company guarantee its work?

You should be skeptical about the company that does not guarantee its work just as you should be suspicious of a company that makes exaggerated claims that its service last for years! Comtec provides its customer with scientific, undisputed facts about pest control in writing, on every job that we do.

Our commitment to solving your problem is clearly communicated from the first time you call us and continued throughout the time that our technician is on your property.

Is the company affiliated with a professional pest control association?

Professional pest control associations keep members informed of new development in pest control methods, safety, training, research, and regulation and members agree to honor a code of ethics.

In fact Comtec are members of the British Pest Control Association (since 1967), the National Pest Technicians, National Pest Management Association and Think Wildlife

Hiring a company to take care of your pest problem does not mean your job is over.

Our technician will instruct you on your role in preventing pest ingress and suggest non-toxic methods for reducing the incidences of pest infesting your home or premises.

Before you choose a company, get answers to these questions:

Is the company licensed under the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA)?

Malta now has its own standard for pest control treatments and approved pest control companies to the highest international and EU standards.

The possession of an MCCAA approval rating is one more assurance that the company you are dealing with is reputable, responsible and as the competence to operate at the standards set by the MSA. Comtec can boast to have acquired Certificate ‘001’- MSA 2000:2009 from MCCAA, and we are the sole organization that qualifies for this certificate.

Is the company willing and able to discuss the treatment proposed for your home?

Selecting a pest control service is just as important as selecting other professional service. Look for the same high degree of competence you would expect from a doctor or lawyer.

The competent company will provide details on your control program, including the :

  • Pest to be controlled.
  • Extent of the problem.
  • Active ingredient(s) in the pesticide chosen.
  • Potential adverse health effects and typical symptoms of poising associated with the active ingredient.
  • Form of the pesticide and application techniques.
  • Non-chemical alternative available.
  • Special instructions to reduce your exposure to the pesticide(such as vacating the house, emptying the cupboards , removing pets.)
  • Steps to take to minimize your pest problems in the future.


Comtec provides all customers with the option for a qualified inspector to visit their premises or home free of charge and discuss options prior to any commitment.

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