BlueFile  is an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution designed and built by Comtec that integrates into HACCP, ISO or any other quality management system and comprehensively addresses all standards laid out in the National Pest Control Standards for Malta issued by the MSA.

BlueFile; it’s a new and comprehensive approach to pest control management that delivers a structure that your quality management system can take reliance on.

BlueFile reports are delivered electronically, allowing system users to log-on to a secure site and download a complete mapped history of pest control records including:

  • Pest management audits
  • Site plans
  • Pest sighting reports
  • Pest incidence logs
  • Chemical usage records
  • Technical reports
  • Pest incidence history

Blue File increases the control you have over your IPM programme and provides quality data that management requires to efficiently review all aspects of the pest programme in place.


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