Hygiene & Air-care Systems

There is a growing global trend in the away from home washroom market for better washroom hygiene. Many washroom users are reluctant to touch fixtures and fittings and are worried they will pickup unseen germs and disease-causing bacteria. At the same time businesses are under increasing pressure to keep maintenance costs to a minimum while providing the necessary and desired level of cleanliness and freshness.

Our hygiene and air care systems provide a continuous maintenance programme that controls the environment, controls hygiene standards and controls costs.

  • Washroom cleanliness is a prime indicator of hygiene.
  • Inorganic water deposits and stains build up.
  • Surfaces, pipes and drains are prime breeding grounds for organic deposits to grow and multiply.
  • Unavoidable odours are created by normal washroom use.
  • Malodours are a signal that the washroom is unclean.

Public Concern for Sanitation and Hygiene

Washroom users are increasingly aware of health risks from unclean fixtures.

  • Cleaning personnel do not want to touch unclean fixtures.
  • Inadequate toilet and urinal cleaning allows bacteria to grow and are a cause of user dissatisfaction.

Cost of Cleanliness

  • Continuous manual cleaning is cost prohibitive.
  • Inadequate cleaning over a prolonged period of time leads to costly fixture repairs and replacement.

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