Landfills & Ecological Sites

Comtec has been repeatedly been selected as the technical partner and contractor on numerous sites where wide-scale rodent control is required on national parks, landfill sites and ecologically sensitive areas.

The experience that our technical team has gained on these projects over the past 10 years led to Comtec being appointed as technical observers in a project sponsored by The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) in an EU co-funded project on Malta’s northern tip – Rdum tal-Madonna – protecting the nesting site of Yerakin Shearwater from rodents.

Our work in this field has expanded with contracts to manage the rodent control on all of Malta’s landfill areas and rubbish / recycling plants, as well as rodent control of the St. Paul’s Bay island chain and shortly, the islands of Comino and Kemmuneta.

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