Plant and Infrastructure

Since 1998 Comtec have been located in a purposely-designed facility at Corradino Industrial Estate, further improving upon our service range and capabilities. A major feature of this facility is the state-of-the-art fumigation chambers that now manage all phytosanitary services for exporters and is the only recognized and approved treatment centre for fumigation of furniture, antiques books and materials, foodstuffs (rice, flour, sugar maize etc.) as well as general household furniture items.

Complimentary to the investment in plant and equipment, Comtec also developed an integrated IT system specifically designed to manage client’s requirements against a network of 18 pest control technicians servicing thousands of clients annually.

This system also delivers technical support to our clients with a fully auditable treatment record that compliments any organisation operating at ISO9001 level, managing a HACCP programme or any other management standard requiring a traceable validation mechanism

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