ULV Lighting System

ULV units that kill flying insects are listed as mandatory equipment by legislation and licensing regulations for industries and businesses connected with food preparation, catering or food & beverage processing plants.

Recently it has become a trend that the selection and supply of these units is undertaken by companies or individuals with no expertise or understanding of the insect biology, insect traits or insect behaviour that these machines are designed to eradicate. Subsequently the results of installing this equipment are often negligible with the threat of flying insect contamination still prevalent despite the presence and investment in ULV units.

Comtec provides services for a full and correct professional audit of premises requiring ULV units including consideration of the area, the activities in the area, the environmental influences on the area that affect ULV performance and critically, the pest risk and most effective non-chemical solution.

For over 20 years we have represented Bower Products (UK) inMalta, providing consultative services and ULV installations to some ofMalta’s largest organisations. Recent commissions have seen these products installed in pharmaceutical manufacturing factories where the highest sanitary protocols must be observed in the manufacturing process.

All Bower units comply with CE standards as well as BSEN 60598 – 1 a UKAS product certification standard particular to UVL lights operating in food factories, supermarkets, warehouses, hospital and healthcare areas or any commercial area where tolerance of flying insects is unacceptable.

If your business requires protection against flying insects then consider the consequences of inadequate ULV units, then ask one of our consultants to assist you in establishing the most efficient and effective way to approach this pest problem.

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