The physical structures, locations and environments of many warehouses and industrial sites are often not conducive to keeping the premises pest-free. Typically our technicians find that many areas located throughout a facility of this type can increase the variety and number of pests.

“Back room” areas such as storerooms are often popular entry points for rodents and insects. Buildings with inaccessible areas that are hard to sanitize, particularly those with false ceilings and floors, provide secure hiding places that give infestations a chance to grow unnoticed.

Incorrect storage practices such as stacking goods tight to walls is also another factor that we encounter and try to rectify in warehousing and goods storage areas.

The value that this insight delivers to clients is often not measured except in comparison to businesses that forgo pest control in industrial areas and take the full brunt of pest-damage on their raw materials, finished goods or processing components.

Effective solutions for pest control management start from the quality of ideas and know-how from Comtec’s technical staff and are followed up by effective and efficient treatments.

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