Comtec Goes Green

Our drive to meet the highest standards demanded of professional pest control companies is delivering a ‘green payback’ to our company, our customers and their clients.

Our IPM systems manage the threat of public health pests using the least possible and judicious use of pesticides which means that your interests and those of the environment are protected.

Since 2004 our consumption of pesticides has reduced against our trading figures by over 12%. This equates to a reduced environmental impact from the pesticides that we use whilst still meeting the hygiene standards required by our customers.

Moreover, we’re also members of the Campaign for Responsible Use of Rodenticides through the Think Wildlife Foundation that demands accountability for the safe use rodenticides in rural areas and the safety of non-targeted species in any programme.

Our office procedures and administration functions have also adopted a friendlier approach with recycling / waste separation facilities installed throughout our premises and an internal drive to reduce consumption on paper and office consumables.

So if green issues are part of your commercial, corporate or personal concerns then rest assured that you’re working with a company that shares the same objectives as you.

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