Bedbug Eradication

It is well known that for years the field of disinfestations has been managed by procedures that provide the use of pesticides.

There are specific insecticides for each known insect which beyond the results achieved, cause complications for the user due to their toxicity. Pesticide treatments envisage the total evacuation of the environment, the post-treatment decontamination and the impossibility to utilise the environment for many hours after treatment.

In hotels, restaurants, food plants and other 24/7 working situations in which an interruption of activity would create economic disadvantages, pesticide treatments would not seem to be the best solution.



Cryo-disinfestation is based on the assumption that insects will not outlive temperatures below zero. Bedbug Eradication generates an exit temperature of about -120 deg. C, which is considerably higher than insects’ lethal limits. As a substitute of pesticide nebulisations, cryo-disinfestation is the ideal treatment for mattresses, pillows, carpets, etc., which, are ideal places for egg laying.

Comtec Bedbug Elimination is the top system to combat the increase of bed bugs’ infestation in hospitals and hotels safely and with guaranteed results.


PRINCIPLES:  Nitrogen is contained in thermodynamically isolated conditions in a dewar (tank) and directly delivered by a connected multidirectional lance and nozzle. The direct contact of the object with liquid nitrogen knocks down the temperature in a few seconds and guarantees the total mortality of insects.

Penetration in the material assures a complete eradication of the infestation even when this is located inside the object.


  1. EFFICIIENT –  mortality of all kinds of insects
  2. SAFETY – operative and toxicological security of system
  3. CLEAN –  no residual material or unpleasant smell
  4. SILENT – operates in complete silence
  5. USE – can be used in every situation with no harm for people or animals.
  6. PPE – gloves and glasses are the only necessary protection devices required
  7. AUTHORISATION – no specific authorisation required.


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