Anoxia System

The working process is based on the ‘anoxia principle’ whereby the atmosphere within a contained space is modified and practically replaced by Co2 for a period of time considered long enough to kill the insects. This innovative system is ideal for the elimination of woodworm in furniture and objects of artistic value allowing one to work directly on-site (in your home or in a museum) without the use of pesticides.

The Comtec Anoxia system unit is portable and therefore can be used in any place and location. It is completely safe, not only for the technicians who operate the system, but also to persons frequenting the location / area where the Comtec Anoxia system is erected, especially since non toxic insecticides or gases are involved, and it’s also safe for any object that may need to be treated. The Comtec Anoxia system guarantees a total destruction of the insects at each of their life-cycle stages.


  • The ability to carry out the procedure in the home or in a chosen location avoiding costly and laborious transportation of the objects requiring treatment.
  • The system guarantees the complete elimination of insects within the objects treated.
  • The system is absolutely safe in all stages of the procedure
  • No residues or unpleasant odours are left on the treated objects
  • The system is completely silent
  • Can be installed anywhere in the home without harming people of animals.
  • No permits or authorisations are required for the installation of the system.


  • The home, office or any at given location for the treatment of furniture and wooden items in general
  • In libraries to treat historical manuscripts, books or parchments
  • In the treatment of carpets, tapestries, fabrics, garments and furs
  • Food and herbal products

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