Comtec PV System

Comtec Service Ltd in association with the European Regional Development Fund has invested €215,390 in Photo Voltaic system that can generate 41Kwh per hour and will achieve full Carbon Neutral status if the target of production 67,857Kwh (units) per annum is reached.

The New PV system was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Dr. Lawrence Gonzi in the presence of company officials and employees. This investment was assisted / supported through the grant of 50% in ERDF Funds made available through Malta Enterprise, which in conjunction with the company’s outlay, will help to service the company’s energy needs in a renewable and sustainable manner.

A total of 175 photovoltaic panels having a surface of 1.65 meters each, resulting in the generation of 41125 watts were installed on the company’s roof. The Co2 emissions saved per year is up to 49,530KGs. Click here for actual readings and power savings

Photovoltaic (PV) refers to generating electricity from solar energy. Each PV module comprises several solar cells which are electrically interconnected. To protect against the harshest weather conditions, the cells are embedded between a reinforced glass coverings.

At Comtec we are very conscious about the environment and what we can do to reduce the impact on the environment. And that is why Comtec’s Directors agreed to introduce and install the PV system on our building to be capable to generate our own power without damaging the environment.

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