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For many years Comtec premises has been equipped with a retail shop which offers a range of various insecticides, rodenticides, rodent and insect monitoring stations, rodent and insect traps, insecticide spray pumps, automated dispensing units, refills, ultraviolet units, pigeon proofing systems and many more.

Recently, the retail shop has been expanded and renovated making space for further products associated also with general cleaning and pets and this besides the usual pest control products. We believe that the control of pests does not depend solely on the application of pesticides, but also on good housekeeping practices and on treating of domestic pests. Therefore, we extended our product range to reliable cleaning and pet treatment products. Cleaning products in stock include window cleaners, degreasers, germ killers, mould killers, floor cleaners and toilet thick bleach. Pets are carriers of certain parasites such as ticks and fleas which require to be controlled. Even though we offer various products for the control of animal parasites, we also offer a wide range of different types of pet food, to the advantage of our customers who may source all their requirements under one roof.

This summer we are extending our shop hours till 5.30pm everyday between Monday & Friday.

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