1) With a Comtec treatment do I eliminate all kinds of pests?

Not all pests are controlled and eliminated with a preventive treatment. Some pests required specific treatments. The pest species that are normally controlled by Preventive Pest Control area – America and Oriental Cockroaches, Centipedes, Millipedes, Earwigs, Woodlice and Silverfish.

2)  Which are the pests that require specific treatments?

Specific public health pests requiring specific treatments include – Ants, German cockroaches, Mites, Booklice, Fleas, Bedbugs, Ticks, Stored Product Pests, Carpet beetles, Clothes moths, Woodworm, Termites and Rodents.

3) Do I need to repeat the treatment within a time period?

Specific treatments for the above-mentioned public health pests may need to be repeated within a required time period depending on the pest species, level of infestation and other environmental factors.

4) After the treatment, insects die instantly?

If you see an insect after the treatment do not panic. In all probability it has been affected by the treatment and is in the process of being eliminated. The insecticides need time to take their course of action before destroying insects pests. An insect that comes into contact with the applied insecticide may take up to 20 hours and over to be completely destroyed. Therefore the sighting of insects after treatment does not mean that the method of control was ineffective.

5) How long does the insecticide last?

The insecticides that we use have a residual effect that can last up to 3 months, sometimes longer, which means the area we treated in your home are protected over this period.

6) Apart from spraying, how can I keep my environment pest free?

Even though we apply the most modern methods of control, a thorough pest control programme does not depend solely on the use of insecticides alone. Pests are always seeking food and shelter and therefore preventing them access to your home is of vital importance. Our technician can give you advice on the most likely areas where pest may invade your home. Typical signs to look out for are – gaps around doors and windows, inspection covers over drains, uncovered air vents, holes around air-conditioning, drain pipes, etc.

7) Can I remain in the house during the treatment?

Yes you can remain in the house however it is important that you do not remain in close proximity to the pest control technician whilst insecticides are being applied and it recommended that treated areas are kept well ventilated after treatment at least until insecticide odours have subsided.

8) Can I leave the animals in the house?

All animals / pests should be kept away from treated areas for at least twenty-four hours. Exotic pets / pedigree animals must preferably be kept away from such areas for up to one-week. During treatment aquariums should be well covered and the aquarium pumps temporarily switched off.

9) When can I wash the floor?

Washing of floors should not be undertaken before 48 hours has elapsed from treatment – leaving it longer would be more beneficial for maintaining the residual effect for the treatment. For subsequent floor washing, it is suggested that water is used sparingly, especially in close proximity to perimeter areas where the insecticides are normally applied.

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