Common Ant / Garden Ant [LASIUS NIGER]

Like human societies, ant communities have their own expertise at the three primary methods of obtaining food: gathering, hunting, and growing. Ants have also displayed the ability of memory, learning, and the ability to correct mistakes.

Ants can lift 20 times their own body weight and if challenged by an intruder they will defend their territory and colony no matter how big the adversary is!

Their movement in human habitats transmits bacteria making them more than just a nuisance pest. This insect species is a difficult one to control with many treatments and processes needing to be employed to successfully combat the ant invasion. The numbers in an ant colony can be enormous and their march to search for sugary food is endless.

Further Information

When combined, all ants in the world weigh about as much as all human beings. About 9,500 species of ants are known and scientists believe at least twice as many species of ants have yet to be discovered.

The caste system of ants (that means, the social structure of the ant colony) is believed to have existed for 30 or 40 million years.

Ants have bodies that contain three major segments: the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. The head of the ant has a pair of large, strong jaws. The jaws open and close like scissors. Adult ants cannot chew and swallow solid food, so they squeeze the fluid from pieces of food. The ant has two compound eyes, meaning that each eye is made of many smaller eyes.



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