Woodworm/Furniture beetle [ANOBIUM PUNCTATUM]

Damage by woodworm is identifiable by tiny holes emerging in the surface of the wood meaning that the adult beetle has emerged from and left the timber after spending its time tunneling through the timber. Woodworm can fly onto other pieces of furniture to deposit the eggs into new timber.


Comtec offers two different solutions in eliminating Woodworm by either fumigating the items in our state of the art fumigation chambers or else by means of Anoxia Treatment.

Comtec’s fumigation service guarantees a complete kill of all stages of the Woodworm’s development and provides protection to fight re-infestations for up to 3 years. Fumigation is safe on your furniture, effective against woodworm and all other wood boring insects and is cheaper than you might think.

Comtec’s anoxia service is based on the principle that the atmosphere within a contained space is modified and replaced by Co2 for a period of time, enough to kill all stages of the Woodworm. This system is portable and therefore can be used in any place and location; it is completely safe both for the technicians operating the system and also for third parties. No toxic insecticides are involved and its safe for any objects that may require treatment.

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