Prokill Fly Killer Refills available in 243 ml aerosol cans



Prokill Fly Killer spray is a pyrethrum (natural toxins extracted from the Chrysanthemum flower) based liquid spray supplied by Comtec and retailed via the Comtec Pests & More retail outlet in Kordin for the control of flies, mosquitoes and most flying insects. It is inserted into the Hygiene Vision automatic dispenser units that are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Each refill will dispense 3000+ puffs giving you continuous bug control for more than 30 days and is effective in rooms of a volume up to 168 cubic meters

It is very important to place the Prokill Fly Kill dispenser units correctly and as close to the probable source of the problem as possible, and ensure that they are away from any food preparation areas or passage. Also avoid placing the units in the direction of draughts or open windows as the volume of spray lost to the area would be greater, and your results weakened.  Additional units may be necessary to ensure a complete and full element of control of the particular pest in question.

Automatic spray dispensers are a successful method of fly control, however you may want to consider alternative, non chemical options such as small UVL (ultraviolet light) units which are also available from Comtec are dispense no toxins into your air, they also have the added advantage of capturing the undesirable insects on a sticky pad for prompt and clean disposal. Automatic spray dispensers are used to create an undesirable atmosphere which deters insects from entering into, and killing via liquid contact on their bodies.

Prices and variety available on this website and are inclusive of both VAT and batteries for immediate operation.


ProKill Fly Killer is effective against many types of insects including flies, fleas, ticks, ants, wasps, hornets, bed bugs, silverfish, lice, mites and mosquitoes.


Hint: Set your Prokill dispenser to operate overnight, when many insects are at their most active, for overnight room clearance. Visit for further info of Hygiene Vision products.

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