Reasons to chose BlueFile

Reasons to choose BlueFile

1. BlueFile is the only complete IPM solution available to Maltese industry.

  • BlueFile allows your IPM to meet and surpass the highest standards – with evidence trails and complete auditable history.

2. BlueFile is a scalable solution.

  • BlueFile can grow with your company and the demands of your partners and auditors.

3. BlueFile has the best support staff in the industry.

  • Behind every item that BlueFile reports is a trained & qualified Comtec professional – this is your guarantee of professionalism and support for your IPM.

4. BlueFile is backed by our commitment to industry.

  • We understand the needs and trends of the industry
  • Your business and your reputation to manage and control the threat that pests pose to your organisation is protected with the industry leader

5. BlueFile information is always accessible.

  • Our web-based software and reporting enables our customers to access essential data anywhere, anytime
  • BlueFile is email enabled – anything you can print you can email- no need to transfer data out to another program
  • BlueFile enables tight integration with your company’s reporting structures
  • BlueFile guarantees excellence with our commitment to ensure you always excel in third-party audits of your IPM*

* Find out more about the BlueFile guarantee by calling us on 21 800 666 or click here and write to us on how we can assist your businesses IPM needs.

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