Flies are the most common of all pests and their presence poses a real threat to our health.

Keeping insects such as flies at bay is an important part of the fight against the spread of disease causing germs – particularly true in areas where food is prepared and served.

Technical Concepts SWAK insect repellent works continuously to protect your home or business against flies and bugs using a measured automatic dispensing system that is efficient, effective and safe in human habitation or food preparation areas.

SWAK is made from pyrethrin, a natural insect-killing ingredient that comes from the chrysanthemum plant. SWAK formula is registered under EU regulation and approved for use in food hygiene areas (ref. HSE49820) and is also ideal for use indoors, in food factories, hospitals, offices, food storage areas and catering facilities, public buildings and animal kennels.

Our technical staff can provide you with a SWAK solution to combat flies in any indoor environment – call us on 21 800 666 to get more information, or click here and let our hygiene consultant know of your fly problem.

To see the MSDS of SWAK, click here..

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